Monday, August 24, 2015

#436 6.5m Toto

Tonight, there's a toto draw with a big prize of 6.5million SGD..

So what if i'm the winner?

So Happy..

10k angbao to each of my immediate family member, that's like 6 shares for my dad side, 6 shares of my wife's side..

then 100k for my wife, elder son and younger son..

i'll pay off my HDB and EC

i'll consider getting a new car for the first time in my life..

i'll even donate 100k to charity or more!

i'll continue working

i'll bring joy to people already me and also people who i don't know but needs help!

Life can be so much happier when one has money

Can i strike the 6.5million please?

Thank you for that

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#346 Fish tank

The planted fish tank full of Nana, is no more.

Guppies home was reduced to desolated tank with plants

Attempt to rear shrimps didn't turn out well, especially with poor water quality and the PL light that went bust.

The tank was shifted from the living area into the study room to protect the tank against a rampaging boy below 2 years old.

The Ehiem filter sits empty where the tank once was on the study table

A plastic box with aquarium chemicals, fish food and algae waffles are laid waste on the same table

That's all

Monday, June 22, 2015

#435 Contented

One should always be contented in life, especially if one does not wish to enter the rat race to consistently upgrade and go for bigger, better things..

Why do i not have the financial ability/freedom to just replace my damaged nexus 5 with any phone to my preference without having to fight for free early recontract or sorting out phones by Price before function?

Why did i buy a second hand Mazda with 18 months expiry, noisy suspensions and a suspect engine start-up noise?

Why did the price of the EC drop, the same amount of money would have given us a higher unit..

We should all be contented in life, not everyone can afford a smartphone, much less demand higher processor speed and battery life.

We should all be contented in life, not everyone can afford a car in today's context, much less get to save 4k off the market price for a second hand car

We should all be contented in life, not everyone can afford a roof over their heads, much less upgrading from a 4room HDB to an Executive Condo.

Just ranting on a monday over a weekend that seem to have gone pass ever so quickly again, just ranting as i had been forgetful and cause tensions at home due to my own actions or lack of action..

We should be all be contented.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

#432 Jus Sayin..

Just Saying..

If they built HDB faster, maybe some couples who applied for a flat and then ended their relationship would have been married instead.. but then again, if it wasn't meant to be, maybe end up also divorce..

Ok, just saying..

Work stress.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#431: Societal Filtration

It's been a long while since i had any inspiration to write. So let's try something today:

Societal Filtration is a common system that all Singaporeans are put through. Without going straight into it, let me start with how National Service filters promising young men at the tender age of 16-21 years old (thereabouts).

A average young Singaporean receives his letter and goes to CMPB for a medical checkup and psycho-metric test prior to enlistment.

The medical check-up sorts pre-enlistees into PES status:
A - fit for all vocations
B - fit for most vocations
C and below: other forms of exemptions from excuse running to excuse sunlight etc..
(See the generalisation that i'm already guilty off? the lack of effort in explaining PES C1, C1L2 etc and banding every "unfit" soldier together?)

Therein lies the 2nd part of psychometric test. Most youths at that age take the test for granted. A few hundred MCQs is asked to create a quick profile of the pre-enlistee, and rumour has it that this test also determines where one gets posted after BMT.

So far forward to the "fit" soldiers who gets into tekong (or units) and immediately there are more tests to group the young ones. The dreaded IPPT, for one, pushes the body to complete at least 6 chin-ups, 32 sit-ups in a minute, jumping forward from a standing position (can't remember exact passing mark), shuttle run and lastly, the 2.4km "run", which really is more of a sprint over 2.4km.. recruits who do not pass the IPPT does not pass BMT and that narrows to available postings within the army.

Then we have the SOC (Standard Obstacle Course) and also the SIT-TEST (not a test of sitting ability, but a test of situation control/reaction to situations).

With all results in places, soldiers are then sent, accordingly to merits, to the following:
1) Officer Cadet Course
2) SISPEC - or the Sergeant Course
3) Other units to be trained as "MAN", eventually to get a Corporal or Lance-Corporal rank
4) Other specialised units, sometimes more shiong than above

The army sorting of soldiers, then, is an a model that also reflects on Singapore's societal filtration. Not every male citizen is suitable to be a soldier, but all males are put through the same test and given a status in relation to their performance to the "army test". Those who excel end up as army officers, ruling over than counterparts and those older than them.. those who don't, there are aplenty, storeman, drivers, admin clerk blah blah blah (*no disrespect to those who are non-officer, non-sergeants  but the generalisation here is that officers and sgts have more freedom and control over themselves and others in the same organsation because they have done relatively well in a test).

Bringing that back into society, is this not what our education is doing? A test, for all. Just as not every citizen will make an Army Officer in NS, not every student will excel in the academic development.

The sad situation, then, is what place do people who fall through the cracks and fail to pass a particular test be given opportunities to excel in other ways? Are people with low academic achievements less of a contribution to society versus scholars?

It is therefore important to remind ourselves to treat everyone with respect. Those who are positions worse off than yourself probably did not want it that way either. It is with compassion, empathy, understanding and respect that we build relationships in this fast pace society that rewards the elites while the rest chases after the pack, exhausted with lower resources.

The fact is the rich gets richer. Does the poor have to stay poor forever? I'm digressing. 


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

#430 Car Dream for the average Singaporean

Notice its Car Dream and not Dream Car? As the average Singaporean, one can no longer aspire to drive a dream car in the home country unless you are damn rich.. so any saloon car that fits the family will do..

A quick comparison:

Oct 2009
Toyota Vios 1.5E (Auto)
Current car:$32,000 excluding interests
Downpayment back then: $6,000
Instalment: $430/mth
Expiry of COE: 31 Jul 2015 (5yr,3mths left)

Dec 2013 (Comparision, no purchase)
Nissan Latio 1.5A
Current Price: $33,500 excluding interest
Downpayment due to new financial rules: $13,400
Instalment: $562
Expiry of COE: 7 Mar 2017 (4yr, 3mths left)